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Established in 1940 by Shri Munshi Lal and Shri Panna Lal as a spice trading company, the Munshi Panna Masala Udyog came into existence in the year 2000. Having almost 60 years of experience in the spice market, we have turned out to be one of the leading spice manufacturers of the country. Keeping the consumer’s needs and demands on top, our unit has evolved with time and technology. Now we use the best hi-tech machinery in the market which helps us in maintaining the quality and purity as per the specifications laid down by AGMARK. Having over 1 lakh retail dealers we cater to a very wide range of customers throughout the country. The trust and bond we have developed with our customers has motivated us to progress and expand our production.



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 Ground spices are powdered up form of individual whole spices. Selected from carefully tended crops, our spices are processed in a way so as to retain the natural freshness and quality at every step. The unmatched purity that our spices exude is due to the state-of-the-art manufacturing process it goes through. Pungent, sour, bitter or spicy, whatever be your choice of dish we deliver the spice to suit your taste. Whether used individually, or blended with others, the MUNSHI PANNA SPICES lend your every dish the best flavor desired.

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 Blended spices have been an integral part of the Indian food heritage since the ancient times. Imparting a distinct aroma and flavor to every dish, these blends have created a special niche in the Indian kitchen. Building up on these ancient culinary secrets we, at MUNSHI PANNA SPICES present a wide range of these blends which help impart just the right taste to your every food wish. Made with no added filters, our spices are prepared blending a number of pure spices in precise proportions giving the consumer the finest blended spices.

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 Our other products include the following:Amchur kali,Bandhni Hing,Mirch fatki. Made from the choicest of unripe mangoes from the best orchards the amchur powder imparts a tang and taste to your dish and make every meal exciting to the palate. 

Hing plays a very special role in the India kitchen. A simple meal turns delectable with hing tadka. Its pungent and strong aroma imparts a particular taste which is common to every Indian kitchen.

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